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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (also in short "ED" from the first 2 letters) also known as "male impotence" or simply impotence, is a type of sexual dysfunction or discomfort characterized by the inability to get and/or maintain an long hard erection of the penis during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can have real psychological, family, financial and career consequences as it can be tied to marriage problems or relationship difficulties and also a reduced self-image. That's why it is very important to solve this problem and treat ED.
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How to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

There are basically 2 ways to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), the first is by operation / surgery and the second is by medications. Let's first discuss the surgery which is the most drastic and expensive. We are never a real fan of this treatment, as operations are always risky, expensive and make a big impact before and after the operation. Sometimes the recovery time is 6 months to a year. Also an operation on your penis (manhood) can have big psychological consequences so than more treatment at a psychiatrist is needed, not good at all. So let's go to the more favourable ED Treatment, the ED Pills or in full erectile dysfunction pills. What pills are we talking about? Basically there are 5 kind of ED pills called: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra and Stendra and they all have different active ingredient inside, except Kamagra which is similar like Viagra. All these pills have proven to work 100% for over 20 years, so the concept is totally proven. Secondly thanks to online pharmacies and generic drugs, now the price of these erection tablets has gone down very much, so now you can order ed pills online for around 1-2 USD per tablet. So concluding, ED pills are safe, work 100% and are affordable and easy to order online this is definitely preferred over surgery and that's why this is our preferred treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Popular ED pills for ED Treatment

- Viagra (sildenafil)
- Cialis (tadalafil)
- Levitra (vardenafil)
- Kamagra (sildenafil)
- Stendra (avanafil)

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